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How Social Are You?

I’m pretty sure most people have heard of LinkedIn and Facebook.  Or maybe not.  I’m on these two sites.  I don’t really participate too much but I’m there.  The photos are the same as day one and it’ll probably stay like that. I’ve recently joined Pinterest. Is Pinterest considered a ‘social’ site?  I would think so since you interact with others that have similar interests as you do.  Even though I’m on these sites, I don’t really consider myself as being social.

There’s something called Foursquare that I just don’t get. Someone is the mayor and he checks in at every place he goes during the day? Or something like that. This week I learned there’s a new social thingie called Yelp. I could be wrong but I think Yelp is where people can recommend a place they found that has great food or service, etc. No, I don’t see myself joining this newest social community since I’m not really sure how the current ones I’m on work.

So, how many of these social networking sites do you belong to?  A couple?  Maybe just a few? Any that you hear about?  I do know that these social sites are definitely the ‘thing’ right now in not only our personal lives but in business as well.