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BBR Beach Bash 2012

BBR Creative, in lieu of one of our raucous and outrageous Beer Bashes, celebrated our 15th birthday by treating all of our employees to a Gulf Shores vacation last weekend (sans children and spouses!), shutting down our office so we could all enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

Our weekend getaway also turned out to be a wonderful team-building exercise. Spending time resting and recharging together in a new setting deepened friendships, brought about conversations we’ve never had before and resulted in an all around deeper understanding of and appreciation for one another.

We think this is good business, and recent research backs us up, showing that people’s greatest levels of happiness occur during time spent with people they like. Two of the biggest predictors of your overall happiness are whether you have a ‘best friend’ at work and whether you like your boss. We’re proud of the entire BBR crew, how much they like each other, and us, and agree with the research – together we’ve created a great place to come to work each day!

And for any clients who missed us while we were away, we are pleased to report we’ve all returned from our beach bash weekend, feeling restored and raring to go!