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15 Fun Facts About BBR Creative

  1. Vixen Creative. Southern Belle Creative. Betty Crocker Design.
    (Believe it or not, these were all names we seriously considered for our business!)
  2. Yes, BBR really DOES stand for Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads.
  3. Shhh! BBR has a silent partner who owns 1% of the business. He wishes to remain silent.
  4. BBR’s favorite karaoke song is “I Will Survive,” although not all partners get up to dance.
  5. Denise Gallagher is our longest-standing employee, still rocking our world with her creative prowess after 13 years.  (As such she also knows all the words to “I Will Survive.”)
  6. Our favorite client is… (drum roll, please) a paying client.
  7. Our craziest inquiry was from a business looking to market hover chairs.
  8. Over the years, Cherie has had many officemates, including Moon, Monica and Allison Dickerson. (You’ll have to ask her directly to get specific roommate dirt.)
  9. Sheree, Cherie, Sara, Cathi and Monica worked together at Davis Partners back in the day.
  10. Of all the perks of working in downtown Lafayette, Sheree Comeaux misses Dwyer’s plate lunches the most, and would welcome the surprise delivery of a Chicken Supreme dinner anytime. (Hint, hint… )
  11. It only took us three years to outgrow our new office!
  12. 300 Rue Beauregard is our second office bordering a cemetery.
  13. We once – inadvertently — pitched Obama’s campaign theme line to a client. (Hey, who’s to say he didn’t steal it from US?!)
  14. Our farthest flung client is located in Belgium. We’re hoping for a client-site meeting soon.
  15. Since its inception, BBR has seen 10 new babies born or adopted – and we have another two on the way! Congrats Kristen & Daniel!