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Jump-Start Advertising for Your New Business

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When starting your own business, for many, the idea of marketing can be overwhelming.  You may not have a large budget or a lot of time to start advertising your company, or you may just not know where to start.  Here’s a quick and cost-effective jump-start for getting the word out about your new venture.

  1. It all starts with branding.  At the beginning, it’s important to allot a significant portion of your budget towards your branding.  Invest in your identity, which includes your name, logo, paper systems, and collateral materials.  The way that your brand is presented to your audience can have a lasting effect on the success of your business.  Strive to get it right in the beginning.
  1. Start the buzz with social media resources.  Social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and others gives businesses the opportunity to present themselves, gain a following, and interact with their existing and potential customers in a way like never before.  New and established businesses alike should take advantage of the communication levels that these avenues provide.  Build your page or profile on all the applicable social media outlets and start talking to your followers.  Don’t hit them up with “salesy” speak; instead, give them a personal look into your company, find out what they like, engage them for their valuable opinions and make them feel like they can connect to your brand on a personal level.
  1. Cost-effective Co-operative marketing. Advertising your new business can be daunting if you are starting out with a small budget.  A good way to gain some exposure through media outlets is to partner with other businesses in a co-operative marketing campaign.  Campaigns vary in grouping by like-business, businesses in the same geographic area or shopping center, or by a handful of businesses supporting the same cause.  Co-op advertising can significantly cut down your costs of buying media, and also your creative production expenses for creating the campaign.  You can reap the benefits of a full-scale campaign, at a fraction of the cost.
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