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IT Tips and Tricks

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The other day I realized that I use many freeware and shareware programs during a normal workday and that most people might benefit from their use. So, I’m compiling a short list of a few of my favorites, and what they do. Hopefully they can be of help to you with your business needs, or at least make some of your daily tasks easier.

  1. Easyfind. This one is free search application that you can download to your computer that works much better than the normal OS finder to search for missing files, documents and anything else you have “lost” on your computer. It will also search networked devices. (Spotlight has always been poor at this)
  2. Switch. This is an audio and video converter. Although not free ($29.99), it is still pretty cheap. It will convert your A/V files to many different formats. I find this helpful when we need something to be converted across different platforms.
  3. Flip4Mac. This free utility will let Mac users view .wmv (Windows Media Viewer) files, which is the format for many online downloads. This little gadget can make the lives of diehard Mac fans much easier.
  4. Cyberduck. This is a free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) utility. It will let you transfer large files if there is an FTP server available. Most printing companies, video production businesses and design/marketing businesses will have these servers set up to be able to exchange large files.
  5. Drop Box. This is a neat utility useful to anyone who does any computer work in multiple locations. It allows you to set up a free account, put files in a secure folder and access that folder from any computer in any location as long as you have Internet access. It is free for up to 2BG of space. If you don’t have an idea of what that means, it means TONS of Word files, photos, presentations or pdfs. This is an easy solution when you need to work on files from work, home or on the road. You can set up separate folders so that anyone else can have access to your files, such as your assistant or team member.  And if you are on a trip, you don’t have to worry about bringing files with you, or dealing with the unpredictability of emailing files, especially large ones.


Let me know what some of the utilities are that make your life easier.