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Google AdWords – Performance Review

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I have been placing Google AdWords for clients for a while now and am in the process of becoming certified by Google for this placement, but to my surprise last week, Google sent in the mail a beautifully printed fourth quarter performance review for one of my clients.  Needless to say, I am impressed.  It was tailored specifically to the client, an eight page glossy, well-designed report.

The front stated the name of the client and a Report Introduction; there was even a glossary of terms included.  All of the pertinent information needed to review a client’s spending and evaluate the effectiveness of their AdWord campaign was noted in this report – Clicks and Impressions – the cost per click.  The best performing ad was included noting how many clicks and impressions it received.  Of course, it also included which keywords were the most effective and all information pertaining to that selection, allowing the myself to become more educated on what works best and how do people think and search for the information they are seeking.

Finally on the last pages was information on better usage of Google AdWords – a marketing tool to maintain the client and be a better partner.  This is a very smart move on Google AdWord’s part – I was surprised and impressed with the attention to detail, the personalization and the marketing strategy behind this report.  It allows myself to present a wonderful recap of the campaign to my client, making me look good and instills a sense of respect from me to Google AdWords – BRAVO, I’m impressed!

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