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Food Trucks – Rolling Out a Brand


At BBR, we are primarily known for our marketing and design capabilities within traditional media venues.  However, we do love the chance to work on super-creative and alternative projects – like designing a parade float that integrated branding for a client.  Recently, we had the opportunity to focus our creativity on a different type of project for a growing industry – a food truck.

The food truck industry provides a proprietor with a way to engage consumers that is unique from traditional media.  Trucks provide a relatively low-cost entry into the restaurant industry.  It allows an existing enterprise to expand the risk of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new brick and mortar location.  Trucks allow for brand growth and expansion into larger regional areas and test markets.

A successful food truck is built upon a comprehensive creative concept.  Designing a cool, professional brand is almost as fundamental as the quality of the food sold as people will make assumptions about your food from the exterior of your vehicle.  However, the concept and brand are pointless if the marketing strategy that accompanies your business is passive.  Successful food trucks capitalize on connections.  The use of websites, social media and mobile apps will help customers locate a truck.  However, to sustain interest and develop brand loyalty, you need ways to keep customers coming back – again and again.

Promotions engage customers throughout the year.  Customers will become familiar with your online presence and brand presence through continuous social media promotions.  Posting updates and pictures from contests pique customers’ interest.  “Check-ins” on Foursquare and Yelp, and “Likes” on Facebook provide ways to award discounts and coupons to further sustain customer awareness.

Along with aggressive strategy, it is important to give customers value for their relationship with you.  Whether it’s handing out free samples or distributing well-timed coupons, a strong marketing strategy will define your identity, capture attention, identify cravings, sustain interest, capitalize on opportunities, and garner repeat business.

Don’t forget – a food truck is mobile.  And your best strategy is to keep moving!