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How to Make Hanky Pysanky Eggs

hanky pysanky eggs

I love Ukranian Easter Eggs. I think they are absolutely beautiful. In 2005, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. The Olde Town Square’s markets were filled with beautiful Eastern European crafts. The one item that intrigued me the most were the hand-painted, blown chicken eggs that were being sold. They came in little white cardboard boxes with dividers that separated each individual egg and were packaged 6 to a box. They had delicate little strings attached that  would allow for hanging. Each was so intricate. I have since learned that this beautiful Eastern European art form is called “pysanky”.

The symbols found on the eggs range from symbols depicting life, fortune and growth to Christian themes of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I found a website online that teaches the basics of pysanky. The site contains the symbology and patterns used when making traditional Ukranian eggs. For those of you out there who want to be challenged this Easter, I encourage you to try your hand at pysanky. BBR has quite a few artists that follow us and I would LOVE to see their unique interpretation of these hand-painted eggs. Francis Pavy? Denise Gallagher? Burt Durand? — I am challenging you to make “Hanky Pysanky” this Easter!