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How Social Media Affects Job Seekers

With more and more Americans looking for work and using social networking sites on a daily basis, here are some interesting statistics about job screening and social networking.

In  2011, 300 hiring professionals were surveyed, and of those, 91% of them had used social media to screen potential employees. In the survey, it was found:

•  76% used Facebook
•  53% used Twitter
•  48% used LinkedIn

Of the hiring professionals who used social media for screening, 69% said they rejected eligible candidates because of what they saw on social networking sites. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top reasons candidates were disqualified:

•  22% was because of inappropriate photos or comments
•  19% because their posts included a reference to their drinking or using drugs
•  13% lied about qualifications
•  11% posted negative comments about previous employers
•  11% demonstrated poor communication skills
•  10% made discriminatory comments

However, n the flipside, 68% said they hired candidates because of what they saw on social media, here are some of the top reasons:

•  Gave a positive impression of their personality and organizational fit
•  Profile supported their professional qualifications
•  Profile showed they were creative
•  Profile showed solid communications skills
•  Profile showed they were well-rounded
•  Candidate had good references posted by others
•  Candidate received awards and accolades

As you can see, potential job seekers might need to take a second (or even third) look at their social networking accounts, to make sure there’s nothing out there that could potentially cost them their dream job.