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Free Marketing at Its Finest, Part 2


Be sure to check out Part 1 of Free Marketing, where I review the Amazon reviews of the horse head mask.

If you’ve even heard the words “Three Wolf Moon” before, you probably don’t need to read this blog post. Unless you want to revisit a great example of the internet at its finest. And if you’re WEARING what I’m about to talk about, we can be friends.

The photo above can also be found on what may be the most infamous shirt ever sold on the internet: Three Wolf Moon. Which, as you can plainly see, features three wolf heads howling at a very full moon. But, according to Amazon customer reviews, that’s not all it is. Apparently it can change lives. Supposedly, it can destroy marriages. Is it too sexy for society? One reviewer thinks so. There are over 2000 customer reviews for this puppy. You can spend hours reading the stories (I can only assume most are fabricated) involving supernatural occurrences that were a result of purchasing one of these shirts.


One customer even submitted a high-quality video “review” (pictured above) which features wigs and a song. It’s over three minutes long.

If you’re going to write a funny review, you’re looking to get a few laughs from fellow internet aficionados. If you put together a sweet video, you’re looking to get some hits on your website. The funny thing is that these are all CUSTOMERS seeking attention. The Mountain, which makes MANY animal-related shirt prints, was seeking NONE of this attention. I mean, it’s a shirt with three howling wolves on it. But the internet TOOK that shirt and transformed it into something almost spiritual. A community of silliness. And unintentional viral marketing. Which, for The Mountain AND all of us, is a really great thing.

I’m going to end this blog by saying that I just ordered the shirt with a really huge pug face on it. I plan to wear it. In public. Thank you.