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Free Marketing at Its Finest, Part 1

So, I bought a horse head mask. There’s a reason, I promise. Not that anyone really NEEDS a reason to own a latex horse head, but still, it’s legit. Anyway, I thought it would be funny to take pictures at this past New Orleans Comic Con with the mask on and then upload them to Amazon’s Horse Head Customer Photo Gallery. It turns out that I wasn’t the FIRST person with this idea, however.


Various photos involving a horse-headed individual holding various small children, barbequing, performing IT work and practicing the world’s oldest profession appeared before my human eyes. As I uploaded my own photo of HorseBurt looking at a painting of two galloping horses, I thought “Well, I bet the mask creators never planned for this sort of publicity.” For such a strange item, word-of-mouth and viral marketing is a godsend. This customer gallery was featured on The Onion’s AV Club’s news feed recently, highlighting the mounting insanity for the horse head. For the cost of zero dollars, a product received national coverage via the internet. Well, I suppose the only cost was that the product had to be slightly morbid and bizarre enough to entice an internet-savvy fan base. But hey, whatever works.

The customer reviews are, as you’d expect, also very funny. Some reviews mean SRS business, however, and actually describe the mask’s quality. Not this one, however:
“I wore this Ann Coulter mask to my last Halloween party and got rave reviews…” – Mike R., Seattle

Internet activity like this is mostly for fun. But you can’t argue that this is helping to spread word about the existence of this not-so-lifelike horse mask, right? Free marketing is GREAT marketing.

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