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BBR’s St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour foursquare Special


This St. Patrick’s Day, BBR threw a “Get Lucky” Happy Hour at the office, complete with green beer, festive, green decorations and food. As part of the party committee, one of my jobs was to secure green alcoholic beverages, in the form of a keg and margaritas, both of which proved to be fairly simple tasks (although, in retrospect, I should’ve gone heavier on the margaritas).

Since my tasks were easily accomplished – days (hours, even,) before the party –  I decided to spruce up our happy hour with a little social media fun. In addition to Facebooking photos and tweeting with the hashtag #BBRStPatsDay, before and during the party, I created a foursquare special. For those who don’t know, foursquare is a location-based social network app that uses GPS technology in a user’s smart phone or mobile device to pinpoint their location, and show them businesses or places of interest around them. One of the cool benefits of foursquare is that it allows businesses to reward users for checking in at their place or event, using their smart phone.

Since BBR doesn’t offer the typical products that a restaurant or retailer could give away (could you imagine: “Check-in at BBR Creative, and get a free tagline with every logo,”) we had to get creative with our check-in party favor. We decided to give away a free “Pot O’ BBR Gold” to the first 17 people to check-in at BBR on foursquare. As I was BBR’s official “St. Patrick,” I became the default awarder of the Pots O’ BBR Gold and my office was transformed into the staging area (picture below). Our green BBR coolers were stuffed full of BBR swag: branded coffee mugs, golf balls, t-shirts, aprons, mints and stationary.


Again, since BBR isn’t a normal business location where people might check-in, we hid  paper badges around the office, advertising our “secret” foursquare special. Once people checked-in at BBR’s Happy Hour, and unlocked the special, they were instructed to show me their phone with the “special unlocked” screen. All-in-all, the party went quite well, and quite a few people approached me with their unlocked screen over the 2-3 hour period.

While we didn’t quite get to give away the 17 Pots O’ BBR Gold that we had made up, the people who DID participate had a great time, received some great BBR swag, and left with a neat social media story to share.