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Wish You Were Here – Selling Louisiana

Tourism marketing is not a new concept.  But in the last few years, Louisiana has seen a great surge in campaigns to promote its beauty, natural resources, a unique and diverse culture, and most importantly, its food.  Are these marketing and advertising pushes going to bring people to explore Louisiana’s exceptional way of life?  We certainly do hope so.  And if itdoesn’t happen at first, we’ll keep loving our state and telling as many people about it until they do.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans saw the most dramatic hit to their tourism industry in its history.  It took years for the city to rebuild, the residents to return home, and lots of marketing dollars to communicate to the rest of the country  that New Orleans had overcome the great tragedy and was ready to offer the same carnival spirit, mouth-watering flavor and Southern hospitality for which it had always been known.

More recently, the BP Oil Spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico had left the Gulf states in a similar predicament.  A major communications effort by the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board pushed to reassure the rest of the country that one of Louisiana’s major natural resources, its seafood, was safe to consume and sell.

Just this past year, Louisiana, and especially BBR’s hometown of Lafayette, has enjoyed telling the rest of the country about the wonderful food and festivities in Acadiana.  When Lafayette won Rand McNally’s Best of the Road for best food, the city swelled with pride.  When Lafayette was a contender in a contest for “The South’s Tastiest Town” by Southern Living magazine, proud Lafayette residents swarmed to the online poll to vote for their town.

So if you haven’t been to Louisiana, we wish you were here.  Until then, we’ll keep telling you why we love it here, and we’ll keep reveling in our beautiful culture, food and festivities.