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Dupré’s Team Member Safety Program Recognized as Most Innovative

pr-dupre-award-0212(Lafayette, La.) — At the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet on Thursday, February 2, 2012, Dupré Logistics was awarded the 2012 Acadiana Innovation Award in the Private Sector. One of only two organizations recognized in Acadiana, Dupré’s results-driven programs caught the eye of the leadership of the Lafayette Chamber, the National Chamber of the Year.

“Our safety program is a cornerstone of the work we provide for our clients. Our team members know that we are changing the rules in the logistics business and we are proud to get recognition of this from our local business community,” says Dupré President and COO Tom Voelkel.

Dupré has put into effect a number of initiatives to provide an optimal work place, keeping the roads safe not only for their drivers but also for the community at large. Facing an industry-wide truck driver shortage, Dupré Logistics is raising the bar for both safety and driver retention through its Team Member Safety Program.

The key features of the program include paying an hourly, rather than mile-based wage; partnership with a local Center for Work Rehabilitation to help retrain drivers who have been out of work; predictive accident monitoring analysis; use of GreenRoad technology to increase efficiency; and finally, a focus on partnership with their team members as part of the “Ideal Place to Work” strategy. The chamber recognized that in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment and facing a critical shortage of qualified drivers, Dupré was great example of the power of innovation.

About the Acadiana Innovation Awards: The Chamber established the Acadiana Innovation Awards to help build upon its long-term goal of perpetuating a “Community of Innovators.” The award is designed to educate, celebrate and inspire the people of Acadiana to create the transformational changes found in an economically and culturally thriving community.

Dupré Logistics LLC is a team of professionals who design and deliver safe, diversified solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. Dupré has more than 1,000 team members and are headquartered in Lafayette, La. For more information, visit