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Fun with the BBR Family

We are all susceptible to working too hard. Americans give their lives to their jobs — countless hours are spent at our offices and in front of computers, as afternoon meetings turn to dinner at the conference room table, and our virtual office (in the form of a smart phone or laptop) comes home with us every night. For those of us who are never truly away from the office, our coworkers become our defacto family. After all, the majority of us spend as much or more time with them on a daily basis than our actual families!

Here at BBR Creative, we often end up seeing more of each other than our spouses, significant others, children, parents or siblings.  I guess that’s why we always take time out to stop and have a little fun!

Whether it’s beer-thirty on a Friday afternoon, celebrating someone’s move, birthday, baby or a fun, friendly contest (Flip cup, Cathi?) we try to find the joy in each day.

At BBR, it’s our philosophy that we work better and are more productive when we take time to laugh at ourselves and each other. Ahh, it’s good to have fun with the family!