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What Internet Wants


If you are currently running your own blog or website, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to increase the amount of views on your posts. Well, unfortunately I can’t give you any solid guidelines on what draws the Internet-masses, but I can tell you about something I did recently that was pretty successful in comparison to the rest of my personal blogging experiences.

Recently there was a huge video game conference, E3, in Los Angeles. Every year all sorts of crazy, hyped-up industry announcements are made, some showcasing new games, others new technologies. A main source of buzz was the new Nintendo system, the Wii U. Nintendo unveiled the new controller, which features an HD screen in the handheld device. Not long after this big reveal, articles and photos started popping up over the Internet.

I had the idea to illustrate the evolution of Nintendo controllers, with a silly prediction about what a future controller might look like. I figured that since it was such a hot topic in the gaming industry, the illustration could have a chance of getting spread around the Internet a bit. So I posted the illustration below on my blog and Tumblr:

It was a bit of an experiment, as I had no idea what to expect. Typically, the illustrations that I’ve posted on my Tumblr have received anywhere from five to 500 notes. Within three days, this Nintendo controller illustration got 2,000 notes on Tumblr. Quite a success, by comparison!

I suppose it’s all about getting a feel for what your audience is currently in the mood for and adding your own spicy twist to it. If it’s something people have on their minds, they’ll want to reblog and pass it along. While my audience is different than that of a tech or food blogger, I would think the same general idea applies. Internet trends and hotspots are always changing, so it’s best to just keep your eyes open. What the Internet wants this week might be forgotten the next!