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Vendors That Serve Us, So We Can Serve You

Recently, we had the opportunity to tour 5 vendor locations with a few coworkers, and meet some great contacts. As insiders-for-a-day, we had no idea how much we would learn about the details of production, and how many factors actually go in to serving our clients’ needs.

The first place we visited was Action Specialties. As a quality source of promotional products, our tour guide Marla McDuffie told us of the many ways they provide as a vendor, and showed us a variety of great printing services on products, uniforms and other work-wear to help build your business. Action Specialties and BBR Creative have a had a great and trusted professional relationship for years, where BBR provides them with the artwork and they help provide our clients with the personalized promotional merchandise!

TriStar Graphics Group Inc., was the next stop on the vendor tours. The entrepreneurial, savvy businessman and new owner of TriStar, Benson Young, brought us around this high-quality service source. He explained how each massive machine works and introduced his business as a great organization that prints organization promotional work from large banners to company booklets, and even their new endeavor – an in-house mailing operation!

The third vendor we visited was Vidox. There, the man with a vision, CEO Chris Allain, showed us their office, explained what equipment they use to produce their work, and Production Manager, Scott Rachel, showed some great cinematography commercials they did for BBR, like Cox, Cajun Country Rice, and BELFOR! A great commercial is the Cox Communication “Community Image,” which can be found on Vidox’s website. I even had the opportunity of seeing the hard-working guys of Vidox plugging away on some great animation.

Later, a charming account executive at Townsquare Media, Kelly Sonnier, was happy to show us around the office of seven different radio stations produced from here in Lafayette. It was fun seeing the DJs in action doing three things at once! We watched Stephanie Crist on 97.3 the Dawg DJ play music and keep up with the updates of the storm that was wreaking havoc outside. As listeners were sending her pictures of the flooding, she updated and monitored the station’s Facebook with the information! We also got to see good ol’ Steve Wiley award a caller with tickets and coupons for answering one of those baffling trivial questions! Something interesting we found out is each station can be accessed in detail from Louisiana Markets page.

The last vendor tour was at KATC Communications, with Leila John, Account Executive and news insider-extraordinaire. She took us around the news facility and by this time, we truly felt privy to the inner workings of production agencies. She showed us the studio where several different segments are shot in the same room with different props and explained the magic of lights and lenses. Leila also showed us a lot of people hard at work for the news, told us about the Dopler Radar, and explained the difference between digital TV and analog.

Through these vendor tours, we learned so much about promotion and production, as it pertains to advertising. We also found out how many people it really takes to manage the technology we see every day and how fast it all changes. It’s a constant race, and to keep up, you better have the best runnin’ shoes in town!