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Killer Brand Strategists: BBR’s Own Swamp People


In addition to developing creative campaigns that often sweep design awards like the ADDYs, BBR offers another edge over other advertising agencies around the country. Not many of our clients know that they have the distinction of working with two of the most attractive alligator hunters south of I-10. They’re definitely “purtier” than Troy Landry and Jacob Landry, the rising stars of the History Channel’s Swamp People, the reality show that follows Cajun alligator hunters.

Kristen Wilson and Mallory Joseph may seem – by weekday – to be ultimate branding strategists, ready to provide visionary marketing solutions to every client’s business. Consummate professionals, they walk the fine line between interpreting the client’s needs to the artists and presenting the final creative that comes out of a very collaborative process.

But on the weekends they’ve proven they are not afraid to kick off their heels and taste a little adventure, even if it means facing some deep-seeded fears.

Kristen admits to some initial trepidation about hunting creatures in the Basin. “My father-in-law arranged an alligator hunt so I could get over my fears about waterskiing down South. As a Yankee transplant I was not used to sharing the waters with alligators – and the waters up North are much more clear!”

Even after “chooting” an impressive 10-foot, 300 lb. alligator while on a hunt in Marksville with her husband, Jason, Kristen’s still not sure she feels comfortable waterskiing the murky waters in the Basin.

“My alligator was huge and witnessing the power of his death roll is enough to give you new nightmares.”

Mallory went on an alligator hunt out of Grand Chenier with a group that included her boyfriend, friends and family. She also recalls some fear at the start of her alligator hunt. But quickly found out that she was simply a “choot-em-up” kind of gal.

“It was the first time I shot anything in my entire life – it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time!”

The 8-foot alligator Mallory shot on an alligator hunt out of Grand Chenier encountered a duality that all of Mallory’s clients have come to know. She may look sweet and have a bright smile, but when it comes down to business Mallory is as tough as they come. And she has the ultimate photo to prove it.

If you are interested in taking a swamp tour or need some guidance for an alligator hunt in our area, be sure to schedule an in-house client meeting sometime in September of next year. The Louisiana alligator hunting season begins on the first Wednesday of September and lasts 30 days. Although in Florida we hear it’s year round. We’ll know if Kristen or Mallory schedule their next vacation in that area….