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Blast from the Past: Stephanie Mire, What is She Up to Now?


When did you work at BBR and what did you do?
Five years after I realized kinesiology was not the major for me and becoming a physical therapist was not going to fulfill my creative and strategic needs, I was fortunate enough to work for BBR.

Creative and strategic needs met – check.

At BBR I was an Account Executive (aka “AE,” “the messenger, “the middle man,”) and was tasked with managing client relations, interpreting client needs, communicating those needs to the creative team, creating and implementing strategic plans and much more. It was all about multi-tasking and balance.

As an AE I had to learn to balance my personal ideas, suggestions and comments with those of the client. I had to balance the client’s suggestions and needs with those of the creative team. And last, but certainly not least, I had to learn to balance my phone on my ear and shoulder while frantically capturing revisions from clients.

What are you doing now? Professionally and personally.
My work and experience with BBR allowed me to land the position of Marketing and Communications Director for United Way of Acadiana, a position I have held for the last 5 years. The multi-tasking and planning skills I acquired as an AE at BBR are put to use every day at United Way. I basically serve as the internal agency and wear both the strategic and creative hat. Again, another balancing act!

My work at United Way has also allowed me to partner with BBR on projects that help advance United Way’s philanthropic mission of supporting women and children. And, as usual, the final products from BBR have been TOP notch and award-winning! (Thank you!)

I have also used my experience and skills learned from BBR to help my husband launch his own CPA firm, market rental properties and manage the marketing efforts of our co-owned Roly Poly. In addition, we are currently working with friends to launch a children’s collegiate apparel company called JV Clothiers.

How has life changed since you left BBR?
Since leaving BBR I have taken on one of the hardest, most important positions possible, as MOM. I’m blessed to have a 3-year-old son named Hudson and a 12-week-old daughter named Lola Kate.

It’s a joy to watch my kids grow and learn and I cannot wait to see who, if either, acquire my great balancing skills!

What, if anything, did you learn from BBR?
I learned that a caption is a cutline, that every client wants a blue logo and that clients must approve colors via Pantone swatches because red on your computer screen may actually be pink on mine. And yes, the latter was learned from experience. And I won’t even mention the lesson I learned after presenting a great creative idea to an insurance company when I thought all along they were a law firm!

But most importantly, I learned that timelines are integral to the success of any multi-part plan being worked on by multiple team members.

What is your fondest memory of BBR?
Beyond the bashes, Christmas trolley rides and shopping sprees, my fondest memory of BBR was the time following Hurricane Katrina. My memories of BBR during this period, in my opinion, surpass any strategic or creative campaign launched. In fact, the word creative, while always naturally attached to my memories of BBR, does not even come to mind when thinking back on these days. Words like hope, community, and love come to mind.

In the days following landfall of one of the worst known storms, hundreds of New Orleans evacuees were housed across the street from BBR. Business as usual? Nope. BBR shut down operations and opened its doors and hearts to help those displaced contact family members via the phone and internet. BBR staff also collected and donated clothing, baby items and shoes. BBR literally bought each person in need a new pair of shoes. And I particularly remember one little girl named B’Aunce with her fabulous hair and her new, hot pink, high-top Converse! I would have adopted her had it been an option. And there was also the 9-month pregnant mom having contractions that I rushed to the hospital. Her baby boy was born days later and more support was offered to her family. I could go on and on, but the immediate response by BBR truly moved my soul.

What client did you enjoy working on the most while at BBR?
One of my favorite clients was a nut! No really, he was Chief Nut Officer of Cane River Pecan Company. Jady Regard is an exceptionally creative guy with a true entrepreneurial spirit that is contagious. He was always developing new products and launching new companies, all the while having fun! His account was fun to manage and I feel lucky to have met Jady.