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Take Off with Idea Flight

I was recently in a half-day seminar and the PowerPoint the presenter used was just, well, plain. And annoying. You see, I have a love/hate relationship with PowerPoint. It’s so darn easy to use and can assist you in presenting your ideas in an organized way, but when placed in the wrong hands it can serve the opposite purpose — either irritating the viewer, or boring the pants off them.

This particular presenter was interesting, but his PowerPoint had too many words and was difficult to read. The colors on the slide were primarily brown, muted earth tones.  I found myself yawning five minutes into the presentation, and with a headache about halfway through as my eyes strained to read the tiny text. This was the last straw — I am now on a PowerPoint-free diet.

Solution? IdeaFlight. This excellent presentation tool allows you to use a network of iPads to make a presentation.  It fixes the problem of eye strain, and helps keep your viewers/listeners engaged during your presentation. It doesn’t remedy terrible design skills, and, unfortunately does little for speakers who can’t stop saying “uh,” but it could give your next presentation a little more spark. Check it out.