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Blast from the Past: Allison Dickerson, Lafayette Utilities System, Business and Marketing Analyst


When did you work at BBR and what did you do?
I worked closely with Cherie and our clients, making sure that their needs were met. I was a liaison between the client and the creative team.

I started working at BBR as an account assistant in 2000.  I was promoted to account manager the following year, and left when my first child was born in 2003.

What are you doing now? Professionally and personally.
Right now I am very busy with two active children and a job that I love.  We enjoy traveling, so I am always busy planning the next family trip.

I have been working  for Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) in the Marketing Department for about seven years. Most people don’t realize that LUS is a public power or  a municipally owned utility; therefore, I am employed by the City of Lafayette.  The utilities industry is always changing as environmental regulations become more stringent and options such as wind and solar begin to enter the marketplace.  I have to say that I  learn something new here every day. I am also active in the community.  I am a member of the Junior League of Lafayette and a member of the Leadership Institute of Acadiana.   In addition, I have decided to return to graduate school to pursue my MBA.

How has life changed since you left BBR?
Well, two kids later would be the biggest change that I have experienced since leaving.  Being a mother is truly the most rewarding and challenging job that I have. It is exhausting, but I would not change a thing.  I thought I was busy before I had kids, but I have learned the art of juggling multiple tasks, commitments, rehearsals and doing so on very little sleep.

What, if anything, did you learn from BBR?
I was very fortunate to have worked with many clients, so I was exposed to many different backgrounds, personalities, and leadership styles.  I was also able to participate in many strategic planning sessions and work on many advertising & public relations campaigns. All of these were learning experiences that have helped shape me during my career.  Oh, and I am an excellent proof reader!

What is your fondest memory of BBR?
Beside the great Beer Bashes we threw, my fondest memory was the camaraderie we shared. We were a small group, so we know each other well.  We worked hard, and we had fun at the same time. In order to be creative, you have to have some fun!

What client did you enjoy working on the most while at BBR?
The client that comes to mind is BELFOR.  They specialized in disaster restoration services. They kept me on my feet as they were always on the go and made decisions very quickly.  When Tropical Storm Allison hit Houston in 2001, Cherie and I took a trip to see, first-hand, the services they provided.  The damage to the city was horrific, but it was amazing to see their staff restore a performing arts center or a hospital to its former grandeur one small step at a time.