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Al LaCombe Awarded ATA National Safety Director of the Year

Dupré Safety Director Recognized for Excellence in Safety Programs, Achievements

(Lafayette, La. and Albuquerque, N.M.) — On Thursday, September 23rd, Dupré Logistics Director of Safety and Training, Alfred “Al” LaCombe was awarded the highest safety recognition honor in the country, the 2011 American Trucking Association (ATA) National Safety Director of the Year Award. The award was presented in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as part of the 2011 Safety & HR National Conference and Exhibition by the ATA Safety Management Council. Lafayette, Louisiana-based LaCombe was recognized as the motor carrier safety executive whose professional qualifications, safety programs and achievements are deemed most outstanding among his or her peers. LaCombe will also be recognized at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Grapevine, TX next month along with CEO, Reggie Dupre’.

“Al has been an innovative leader, hands-on safety professional and phenomenal teacher for over 25 years,” said Tom Voelkel, Dupré Logistics President & Chief Operating Officer. “He not only expects excellence from our team, but shares his innate ability to solve problems with safety directors nationwide.”

LaCombe, a 26-year veteran of the Dupré management team, leads a support staff, including four Field Safety Representatives who coordinate safety programs for more than 1,000 Dupré employees including over 800 professional drivers traveling nearly 40 million miles in 2010.

Terry G. Renfrow, Senior Risk Engineering Consultant for Zurich Services Corporation complimented LaCombe’s work, stating, “In addition to utilizing historical data as a risk management tool, LaCombe routinely analyzes conditions that may develop into future hazards. He consistently seeks to implement safety and loss control programs that promote an environment of continuous improvement.”

Al has created and implemented extensive injury and crash prevention programs to ensure that Dupré’s maintains its reputation as a company with a “culture of safety.” LaCombe has combined data collection with a hands-on approach to assist drivers in being a part of this culture by:

• Introducing and implementing predictive safety modeling. Dupré can prevent accidents by using circadian algorithms to estimate driver fatigue and optimize schedules for safety. In addition to developing a fatigue management program, Dupré requires managers to be fatigue experts.

• Utilizing electronic logs in 100% of the Dupré fleet, thus providing the company and their clients real-time data.

• Accessing and utilizing data modeling to prevent accidents due to driver fatigue, illness or equipment issues.

• Implementing and creating a “Fit for Duty” Work Rehabilitation program (and duplicating it in other markets). The “Fit for Duty” program uses a post-hire assessment in line with the job description, testing new employees’ ability to perform on-the-job tasks safety and efficiently. The program was extended to current employees, helping identify and treat potentially life-threatening health issues.

With 32 years in trucking industry, LaCombe has served the industry and his peers through active participation in the in ATA, National Truck Carrier’s Association (NTTC), the Louisiana Motor Transport Association (LMTA) and Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TRANSCAER). Additionally, he serves on the Advisory Council of the Acadiana Technical College, which, through his efforts, has trained over 1,100 drivers in two years.

Starting his career as both a driver and dispatcher, LaCombe used his distinct understanding of the industry as a whole to garner awards for Dupré, helping make the company a nationally recognized safety innovator. With the support of executive management, he was instrumental in leading Dupré to become a recipient of the 2010 ATA President’s Trophy, the highest safety award given to only three motor carriers in the U.S. each year.

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