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Apple Gives Us a Little More Elbow Room

apple thunderbolt cable

One of the problems with your old computer, whether you realize it or not, is storage space. All those songs, movies, TV shows, and photos take up an amazing amount of room. As we continue to get more of our entertainment content from non-traditional sources, it creates a new problem – figuring out where to put all of it! You certainly don’t want to throw away photos or movies just because you don’t have enough storage space.

Apple saw this coming and introduced the Thunderbolt I/O technology. This technology takes external storage to the next level. No, the concept of an external drive is not new, but what is new is the communication speed the new Thunderbolt port allows. With speeds of up to 500 MB per second, Thunderbolt ports can also connect a computer to a server, opening up fast access to your external storage.

This is great technology for most small businesses and certainly ample for home use. You can hook up the external drive via Thunderbolt to your home or business network and, when you access files, it will feel just like working locally. In fact, the speeds this connection claims are much faster than most of the networks out there.


So what? Well, the practical upshot of this new system is that you have a big, fast external drive to store bulky media files, freeing up your computer to work or access things you need immediately. And, when you do have to buy another computer, you can buy a smaller (less expensive) one because you won’t be worrying about storing everything.


In short, it’s like going from a tiny apartment with no room, a leaning tower of CDs, stacks of DVDs and books piled up to the ceiling, to a roomy new home with walk-in closets and plenty of open floor space. Ahhhh….