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Side Dishes

Every Tuesday a group of my friends meets for CookNight. We have a rotating cooking schedule; one of us cooks for the rest of the crew each week. Last Thanksgiving we had the ambitious idea to have a SUPER CookNight, where several of our crew would cook and we’d invite a bunch of friends over. We did it, and it was delicious. So when talk of a Super CookNight 2 came about, I volunteered to design an event poster.

I love personal projects like this, as it allows me complete creative freedom. Since the poster would essentially only serve as a Facebook event picture, no one would complain about the colors or graphics because no one was paying for any printing or advertising. Since we wouldn’t be producing a physical poster, the amount of time I spent illustrating it might seem, to some, a little ridiculous, but this was one of things you do just for the fun of it. And fun is good.

It’s important to have creative side projects and goals outside of work. They help keep you motivated and fresh. And you can turn out something pretty cool, even if it doesn’t make you any money or get you into the New York Times!