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Partnership Between GEO Specialty Chemicals and Dupré Logistics Increases Efficiency

Case Study: Three-Year Partnership Garners Positive Results

GEO, a leading provider of water treatment chemicals in North America, has an in-house logistics division that drives customer service in the day-to-day operation of their business. This division serves an extensive customer base from GEO’s multiple manufacturing facilities to ensure a predictable, efficient supply chain. Prior to partnering with Dupré, GEO managed its supply chain through a network of companies and owner/operators. Given the complexity of their distribution network, GEO’s supply management system lacked connectivity and the necessary efficiencies to ensure that their customers received the highest level of service in a safe and efficient operating environment.

GEO’s logistics model lacked execution, creating inefficiencies in their supply chain processes that often resulted in decreased consistency and professionalism. The multiple locations of GEO’s manufacturing facilities created an additional challenge, making it difficult to hire and retain qualified drivers.

After an in-depth assessment utilizing Dupré’s “Results-Based Supply Chain Management Process™,” a dedicated solution was designed to provide consistent, scalable capacity with a focus on safety and maximum asset utilization. This solution created supply chain efficiencies while enhancing service for GEO’s customers. A stand-alone operations center was established to manage Dedicated Operations activity at each of GEO’s facilities.

Utilizing technology developed specifically for the Dupré / GEO partnership, operational and statistical metrics are currently available via live location feeds to GEO and Dupré management. This dynamic database provides total visibility of the driver, including equipment and shipment activity at a lane level and by specific customer. Aside from normal tracking capabilities, the system electronically monitors a host of safety related metrics and driver activity against established baselines, bringing visibility to issues and inefficiencies and ensuring the safest and most efficient use of equipment and man-hours.

“We are very satisfied with the partnership we have with Dupré,” says Joel Bishop, GEO Purchasing and Transportation Manager. “During quarterly KPI reviews, we meet with their CEO and top level management to find ways in which we can continuously improve – Dupré is always looking ahead.”

GEO credits Dupré for increasing safety, reliability, stability, running efficiency and professionalism within their logistics system. GEO has strengthened customer satisfaction ratings since partnering with Dupré Logistics.
“Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers are at the core of our business model,” says Reggie Dupré, Dupré CEO. “Over the past three years, our partnership with GEO Specialty Chemicals has driven positive results for both companies, our joint customers and our team members.”

With locations throughout the US, GEO is a leading producer of a number of chemical products. For more than 70 years, GEO Specialty Chemicals’ Water Treatment Chemicals has provided products for municipal water, industrial wastewater, paper mill, oil and gas production and agricultural customers.

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