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A Time of Turmoil – An Opportunity for Advertisers


Companies are always trying to make the right decisions as to where exactly they should place media dollars to maximize their reach and frequency to the desired target audience – it’s a numbers game, day in and day out. My opinion during this time of turmoil throughout the world? Put your money on the news!

The entire world is watching and reading about peaceful and not-so-peaceful demonstrations in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and elsewhere.Everyone is wondering how this will affect the United States, if these countries will win the democracy they so desperately seek, what impact will this have on economies throughout the world. With everyone’s eyes on the news, common sense dictates that marketing efforts should be concentrated on information-driven media.In addition to all of the world news making headlines, the United States government is also capturing attention with the budgeting process, and, of course everyone is fascinated with the British royal wedding in April and the hype leading up to the big event.

It is important however, that you be strategic in placing your advertisements within these media based on the age of your target audience. Keep in mind that the mature generation still gets their information from print and TV, while the younger generation prefers TV and the Internet.

So, for right now, increase your placement in information-based media while headline grabbing events continue, but be sure to maintain some diversity in your schedule – don’t relinquish your other placements, just enhance the placement in the information-driven media for additional reach.