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Why Your Company Should Be Using Twitter


Twitter allows companies to engage a market in ways that traditional methods simply cannot match. Information can be quickly shared with potential customers while gathering real-time market intelligence and feedback.  Twitter offers a constant connection that fosters stronger client relationships. It provides a platform for company feedback and product ideas.

Customers can also use Twitter to discuss their positive or negative experiences with a given product or service.  Businesses can then market offers to directly address customer concerns or compliments.

So, don’t let the symbols overwhelm you.  Get in the game with these 10 great tips for using Twitter:

  1. If you don’t Tweet, then no one will follow you. Get started!
  2. Listen and join.  Monitor what people are saying about your company or brand before joining the conversation. Links at the bottom of a Tweet can help you follow a conversation.
  3. It’s not all about you.  Make sure you balance self-promotion with conversation.
  4. Reply to Tweets timely. You return voicemails and emails, right?  It’s a common courtesy to reply when someone “@’s” you.
  5. Don’t be afraid to use hashtags (“#”).  They can be a helpful way to identify and search for topics.
  6. Re-Tweet! If you find a post that is interesting, insightful, or entertaining, share it!
  7. Follow back.  If someone follows you, then follow them back.
  8. Don’t spam.  No one wants to follow a spammer.
  9. Your followers are looking for updates on products, sales, and promotions.  Keep them in the loop.
  10. The maximum number of characters in a Tweet is 140.  Tweet in shorthand and use “” to shorten a url address when needed.

Welcome to Twitter!