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Puttin’ Your Money Where your Mouth is…

PR does not always just encompass media relations. Social media implementer, copywriter, crisis communicator and event coordinator are just a few of the “other” roles a PR practitioner can find themselves being a part of on a daily basis.

Outside of my work at BBR, I find myself working daily on development and fundraising projects. As an independent fundraising consultant I work with clients to raise from $10 to over $100,000 for non-profit schools and churches as well as for political candidates.

So, how does the PR and fundraiser hat come on and off that quickly if I am working with both daily? To me, it’s the same hat, just a different color. PR is about telling the right person, the right thing at the right time (essentially creating a newsworthy story and getting it covered). Fundraising is getting the right person at the right time to support your fundraising objective. In both PR and fundraising, the right strategies to achieve your goals are integral and often similar.

To better understand the strategies that drive fundraising see below for the Top Five Major Fundraising Principals by Stanley Weinstein from The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management, to see if you can find the similarities between the two.

1. People give to people to help people
2. People give relative to their means
3. Those closest must set the pace
4. Successful fundraising is the right person asking the right prospect for the right amount for the right project at the right time in the right way.
5. 80% of the funds will come from not more than 20% of the donors