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Marketing is Just Common Sense


These are the famous words of my older sister, Jessica, after I told her my college major was marketing. Can’t you just feel the sisterly love? We grew up polar opposite. Jessica was the brainy book nerd who would rather read by a tree at recess than play on the monkey bars. And then there was me, the common sense, class clown who was forced to stand by the tree during recess for talking too much during class.

Since our school days, Jessica has gone on to become a brilliant doctor, currently in residency at Harvard. While I continued on my “common sense” career path, determining all the while to prove my sister wrong. After years in my field, now is finally my chance to invalidate her theory. So, Jessica, please take note:

Top 5 Reasons Why Marketing is NOT Common Sense

1. Common sense may be able to write a script, but will it be effective? Will the proper audience be targeted? Will the spot be produced and executed in a way so that it does not end up looking like a tacky local commercial?

2. Common sense may be able to type an ad and maybe even come up with a cheesy headline, but will it be memorable? Will it have the years of design expertise and strategy that a collaborative creative team can execute?

3. Common sense may  be able to run an ad in the paper, but will it be placed in the correct paper? Will the ad be placed in the proper section to ensure the target audience sees it? Will the ad be placed at the best price?

4. Common sense may be able to write a press release, but will it be effective? Will the media pick up the press release? Will the press release be written from a perspective that keeps the entire company’s marketing strategy in mind?

5. Common sense may be able to do all of the above, but will it be able to form a cohesive marketing strategy that encompasses all objectives and goals that ultimately increase a company’s brand and brand awareness?

While my “common sense” may not allow me to perform open heart surgery, my common sense, along with the amazing BBR team, will allow me to help build your brand and your business.

So take that, Jess!