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Savoie’s® Introduces New “Cajun Dining For Two” Product Line

pr_savoies(Opelousas, LA) –Savoie’s Sausage and Food Products, Inc., recently added a new product line to their selection of traditional Cajun-inspired food products. The “Cajun Dining for Two” meals are perfectly portioned generously to serve two diners and include the following varieties: ‘Turkey and Andouille Gumbo,’ ‘Chicken and Sausage Gumbo’ — both prepared with Savoie’s® original Smoked and Andouille Sausage and Savoie’s® Old Fashioned Dark Roux — as well as ‘Shrimp Etouffee ’ and ‘Shrimp Jambalaya.’

Savoie’s® “Cajun Dining for Two” products bring the taste of authentic ethnic Cajun cooking home in 24-ounce bags of ready to cook stove-top meals. Each meal is prepared in a skillet and cooks in fifteen minutes. Savoie’s® “Cajun Dining for Two” are a simple solution for those consumers, such as empty-nesters, who want to enjoy authentic Cajun foods, but do not need to make a large family portion.

Appealing food graphics accompanied by identifiable Savoie’s® branding elements attract shoppers to the traditional Cajun recipes. Applying a responsible product-packaging relationship, the meals’ are economically packaged six stand-up pouchesto the case for optimal shelf urns, and ideal for stores with limited freezer space. Savoie’s® “Cajun Dining for Two” meals are affordably priced and a unique On-Pack Louisiana music CD entices repeat sales of Savoie’s® “Cajun Dining for Two” products.

Made in Louisiana using traditional recipes and ingredients, Savoie’s® frozen products are produced in small batches with fast-freeze processes that allows Savoie’s to maintain an authentic, home-cooked flavor. Savoie’s® products are produced in USDA inspected facilities and are made with proprietary ingredients & processes, specifically for the gumbo products, where a unique “Rapid-Roux” process allows for even and quick dissolution of the roux when the meal is cooked. Savoie’s® “Cajun Dining For Two” meals provide convenience and ease for consumers who wish to enjoy their regional Cajun/Creole cuisine perfectly portioned for two.

Contact Amy Fontenot at 337-942-7241 or [email protected] for more information. Brokers outside the state of Louisiana are encouraged to contact us.