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Let’s See What Happens

“Let’s take 100 cats, release them in IKEA […] and let’s see what happens.”

Sure, it reads like a really bad guerrilla marketing ploy for EpiPen, but it’s my nomination for creative brief of the year. It’s the concept behind a delightful image spot that warmly promotes IKEA’s upcoming London catalog. The making of video (complete with creative rationale by “Tim & Freddy”) is directly below. The end final spot is at the end of this post.

The result is rather elegant in its simplicity — not unlike IKEA’s furniture. Plus it features cats and has been uploaded to YouTube, which translates to guaranteed Internet Virality. “Virality,” FYI, is a word I just invented that combines “viral” and “virility.” See? I’m a creative genius too. Wait. Scratch that. Google tells me otherwise.

[via Laughing Squid]