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10 Tips for a Successful Email Newsletter


When used appropriately, company newsletters can be very effective. There are dozens of helpful tips available to make your newsletter more successful, but here are 10 that I believe are most important. They may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often company newsletters don’t follow one or more of these simple tips.

1. Use the Same Format – If you keep changing the layout or color scheme of your newsletter, your readers won’t be able to easily identify it. Your newsletter is an extension of your company’s brand image and should be formatted the same each time you send it out.

2. Use Compelling Subject Lines – Don’t bore your readers before they’ve even opened your newsletter by using subject lines like CompanyXYZ Newsletter: Volume 25. Make your subject line interesting to draw your readers in wanting to learn more.

3. Frequency is Key – The easiest way to lose newsletter subscribers is to overwhelm them with too many e-mails. Ask yourself: Is the content newsworthy? Relevant? Interesting? Try developing a tentative editorial calendar. This will help you maintain a list of possible subjects to write about while keeping you on track with your newsletters.

4. Use Visuals – People love pictures! Your newsletter will be much more appealing and engaging with visuals to accompany them. Additionally, most online newsletter services make it easy for you to insert photos and format them.

5. Be Aware of Length – Your readers will appreciate a newsletter that is short, simple and to the point. Too much copy or technical jargon can cause your readers to lose interest. If you must write a longer newsletter, give your readers the option to click to read more of the article about halfway through.

6. Get the Timing Right – Try to coordinate your newsletters with current newsworthy events or the seasonal aspects of your business. For example, it’s more sensible to send out a 10 Tips for Choosing Your Tax Preparer newsletter in January rather than July.

7. Learn From Others – Subscribe to a few newsletters that are similar to yours or to your competitors’ newsletters. While you don’t want to copy your competitors’ newsletters directly, you may be able to take an idea and add your own twist to it.

8. Show Some Personality – There’s no rule that says the content of your newsletter has to be serious material only. Got a new product to debut? Celebrating a major milestone? Take fun staff photos for moments like these — it helps you to develop a connection with your readers.

9. Be Respectful of Unsubscribers – When readers unsubscribe from your newsletter, don’t take it personally. It is important to be sure they are removed from your mailing list as soon as possible. Most online newsletter services will automatically remove unsubscribers when they request it.

10. Track Your Stats – Most online newsletter services allow you to see statistics about your newsletter such as click-throughs or the number of readers. Use this helpful information to improve your newsletters by taking note of which elements of your newsletter are most popular.

You’ll be able to find many more tips to create a successful newsletter that is targeted to your industry, but the bottom line is that you want your readers to look forward to receiving your newsletters. Put yourself in their shoes — what are the elements of a newsletter that will be most beneficial to them? If you can keep that and these simple tips in mind, your newsletter should be a success!

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