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A Blog about Blogs about Blogs…

Who can remember the “Olden Days” when you couldn’t look up the Prime Minister of Tuvalu? (To save you the time, it’s Apisai Ielemia.) You now have access to a world of facts and opinions. It is so easy to get lost in a sea of information and contradictory rhetoric. The question today is how to acquire relevant information without having to sift through mountains of irrelevant content.

In steps the blogger.

The blogger serves as an information gatherer and micromanager. You can look for the smaller subjects you are interested in on a daily, granular basis. You don’t have to wait for a news giant to get around to the stories you are interested in. If you are interested in keeping up with technology you can check blogs like:

If your thing is keeping up with the latest in the Marketing/Advertising world:

Or for a leap into the deep end of the weirdo pool:–2433.asp

The point is that whatever you are interested in is there for you. There are so many options, like bookmarking, RSS feeds and search engine home page bookmarking, that you can get your information fix when you are ready for it — without having to wait for the 5:30 news.

It is sometimes tough not to get flooded by information. With a little research, blogging can function as a release valve that allows us to pre-filter the information we need. By publishing (ahem) relevant content, bloggers allow us to save time and free our days a little so we can do what we do best.