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Side Stitch – Designers at Heart


Welcome back for another episode of Side Stitch! Here we follow a young design pair from initial campus crush to the Request for Proposal (RFP), seeing all the adorableness and designer in-jokes in between.

I started concepting the story after I thought of the RFP/marriage kicker. I tried to think of a bunch of design-related situations in which to put the couple. The challenge wasn’t to try and squeeze in as much design references as possible (that was the easy part), but to illustrate two people falling in love in a very finite number of panels. So we see them working together to ace their design final, the initial inquiry to a first date, bonding over the industry’s beloved design annuals, starting their own design studio, painting a house, adopting their own pet and, finally, proposing marriage.

I put a lot of heart into this comic, so I hope it shows, haha. Please feel free to link this comic to your designer friends. Or account execs. Or, really, anyone who might get that RFP joke, haha.


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