June 16, 2010

Jamie Hebert happy with her gift of pearls.

I’ve been told that I do not take the time to stop and celebrate enough. This seems to be a common trait among entrepreneurs — the inability to stop and really enjoy an accomplishment before quickly going to the next item on their “to do” list. I’m trying to improve. I am trying to stop and smell the roses more often.

While I do not always stop and relish career accomplishments, my kids know that “mom likes to make memories.” I strongly believe that it is important to create memories, because in the end, memories are the only thing we take with us through life and the most important thing that we leave behind when we die. So I try to plan vacations, family events and celebrations with those I love to create traditions and memories that will hopefully last long after I am gone.

Cathi, Sara and I have been building this business together since 1997. I have come to love them as sisters. I love their children and they love mine. Together we have six daughters and one son (mine, Jacob, who is grown and living in South Africa). The year we began BBR Creative, my daughter Jamie, began kindergarten. I think about how far she’s come, how much she’s learned and grown since that time. It’s miraculous to watch a little person grow into a mature, thoughtful, intelligent, independent young woman. Last Friday, Jamie graduated from high school. She is my youngest child and will soon be leaving for LSU. A milestone in her life as well as mine.

Sara, Cathi and I began a tradition three years ago, when Sara’s oldest daughter, Rebecca graduated from high school. BBR honors the graduate with the gift of a piece of jewelry and invite all of the daughters to come together for a special dinner to celebrate. Rebecca graduated in 2008 and is studying nursing at UL, Lauren graduated in 2009 and is studying English at UL and Jamie is planning to attend LSU in the fall and is majoring in Public Relations. Sara’s teenage daughter, Catherine is on the debate team and keeps us laughing with her witty quips. Cathi’s youngest Annabelle creates art during dinner and forgets to eat and beautiful Lily is athletic, an honor student, demure and lovely – the epitome of a young lady. During these dinners, we laugh and toast and talk about hopes, dreams, plans and futures. The younger girls look up to the older girls and admire them. The older girls like the attention and special treatment. And we all feel good together – like we are part of a sisterhood or sorority. We relish in our womanhood — no matter our age. We share our love and celebrate life.

Above: Rebecca Ashy and Jamie Hebert

Above: Lily, Annabelle and Cathi Pavy

Above: Sara, Lauren and Catherine Ashy

The theme of celebration and tradition will be continuing well into next week, when we celebrate BBR’s 13th birthday with another group of people we love – our staff! We are closing the office early and all going to Karla Meche’s house for a pool party. We are going to put aside our deadlines for one afternoon and unwind, relax, play some pool volleyball and have fun together.

In keeping with the nature of our business, we’re busy creating….only this time it’s memories.