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Green Apps Make Living Nature Friendly a Walk in the Park

A while back I was dubbed one of the “green” employees of BBR Creative. I always turn off my lights and computer monitor whenever I step out of my office; I absolutely hate to waste paper; and whatever I know can be recycled goes in the bin instead of my office trash can.

I admit I am by no means the greenest person on the planet. In the grand spectrum of eco-friendliness, I am a definite greenhorn (lame pun intended). But I do what I can with the knowledge I’ve acquired thus far about living a green lifestyle.

Being green is definitely not easy though! There are so many new terms, guidelines and issues to learn and remember that being earth-friendly can quickly become confusing. Many people want to be involved, but they just don’t know where to start.

Luckily, there are hundreds of green-related mobile applications that are helping people to make more socially conscious lifestyle choices. On Earth Day, I came across several useful websites that list and explain eco-friendly apps available today:

50 green apps to help you sprout an eco-friendly lifestyle – LA Times online

The Best Free iPhone Apps for Earth Day –

10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Go Green for Earth Day–

My favorite application mentioned is the Gorgeously Green Survival Guide for the iPhone. It’s touted as “a quick reference eco-guide for the woman on the go.” The application guides you through the confusion of shopping for eco-friendly choices, and you can even create “Gorgeously Green Checklists” while you’re at the store stockpiling everything from meats and produce to lipstick. In addition, the app gives you tips on being green, advice on saving money while going green and ways to dispose of hazardous materials. Using this application eases the pressure of trying to remember what products are good vs. bad and helps consumers to overcome the hurdle of not knowing the first steps to take when becoming green.


The beauty of mobile applications is their accessibility and utility. Our mobile phones are always on and available in our pockets or purses. Applications have turned cell phones into more than just wireless computers – they’ve become a personalized mobile experience. Consumers can pick and choose applications that are useful and of interest to them. According to a recent mobile Internet report by Morgan Stanley: within five years, there will be more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users. In January of this year, Apple announced their 3 billionth application download, and that 100,000 applications have been created.

The lesson to take away from this is that the market for applications is huge, it’s getting bigger each day and it’s not going away any time soon. It is an important medium for both agencies and their clients to get to know. There is no limit to what ideas we can develop in terms of creating applications for our clients. Sure, not all clients have the need for an application – as with all forms of advertising, you’ve got to know your client’s objectives and audience. But mobile applications are not just another form of advertising; they enable brand interaction and give consumers another way to use a business’ services. They have changed how we use our phones, and so brands must be where their customers are. Even if our clients aren’t ready for applications, agencies should be.