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Does BP Make the Grade?

It is hard to ignore the unprecedented oil spill affecting our coast at this moment. Whether you tune into the mainstream media or log onto a social media website like Facebook, it is not that uncommon to see or hear Louisianans expressing their — ahem — “distaste” for the public face of this disaster: British Petroleum.

What I, or you, feel about BP in particular (or the oil and gas industry in general) is not of any importance to this non-soapbox blog post. I have instead compiled a few opinions stated by PR professionals, media outlets and others on BP’s and others’ reactions to the spill. Notice the days these posts were made; over the semester, BP’s grade has sunk.

1) “BP, Toyota flunk damage control” – A fair assessment by Allison Linn of

2) A YouTube video of TJ Walker giving BP an F-

3) Patrick Kinney talks to NPR about the lost “Golden Hours” of the response

4) An interesting warning and Twitter Tracker of BP before and after the spill by Kathy Gill in the Moderate Voice Blog.

5) “Obama’s Katrina?” – Business Week article by Julianna Goldman

6) Finally, an article about how what marketers create today… might bite you later

If you want to know how I have graded BP, e-mail me. After all, a good PR professional likes to keep some of the news embargoed for later!