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The Work of Arthur Ganson

The Art Department at BBR recently attended the Creative Summit in San Marcos, Texas. The Creative Summit is a long weekend designed to inspire and we return every year with our creative batteries charged, ready to do some killer work.

This year we were privileged to meet some extremely talented people including sculptor Arthur Ganson.

Arthur’s kinetic sculptures, shared with Summit attendees via short video presentations, were mesmerizing. His daVinci-esque machines — all metal and gears — moved in beautifully serene and unpredictable ways. Some made you laugh, others made you think — and there was one that made us all blush.

I left his presentation viewing  the world a little differently and I’ll certainly never look at a violin the same way again.

Follow these links to see some of Arthur Ganson’s work.

“Margot’s Other Cat”

“Machine With Wishbone”