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Savoie’s Announces Liver-Free Dressing Mix as Families Prepare for Spring

Product caters to customers maintaining a low-vitamin K diet

OPELOUSAS, LA. — Savoie’s Foods, a name synonymous with traditional Cajun cuisine, announced Monday a new Liver-Free Dressing Mix geared toward consumers who do not like the flavor of liver or are taking medications that require them to maintain consistent vitamin K intake.

Traditionally, the recipe for all dressing mixes includes pork liver, an ingredient high in vitamin K. For individuals with vitamin K restrictions related to certain medical diagnoses, which require maintaining proper blood levels, Savoie’s Liver-Free Dressing Mix is another dietary choice. Vitamin K is found to interact with the effects of Warfarin, a generic anti-coagulant medication better known under the trade name Coumadin. Liver-Free Dressing Mix enables consumers taking these medications to enjoy Savoie’s traditional tastes without risk of adverse reactions to their medication.

“We launched Liver-Free Dressing Mix as a direct response to people who, simply put, wanted to enjoy Savoie’s products without compromising their special dietary habits,” said Robert van Leeuwen, Savoie’s Group vice president. “We’ve reformulated the recipe to meet these consumers’ special needs while maintaining the Savoie’s flavor our loyal customers have come to know and love.”

Savoie’s Liver-Free Dressing Mix will also be a welcome change for those consumers who simply do not like the flavor of liver. The new dressing mix is being released just in time for the beginning of Spring, when families will be gathering for their Easter celebrations and starting to use their BBQ pits again. A traditional Easter favorite, dirty rice prepared with Savoie’s Liver-Free Dressing Mix serves as a flavorful alternative for individuals who prefer their dressing liver-free.

Packaging for Savoie’s Liver-Free Dressing Mix is clearly marked “Liver Free,” and currently is available alongside Savoie’s traditional Dressing Mix and Savoie’s Dressing Mix with Eggplant in your supermarket’s freezer.

For a free brochure featuring Savoie’s Liver-Free Dressing Mix, call Amy Fontenot at 337-942-7241.