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You’ve got personality. Now find it.

Think about how you interact with people of differing personality types. An outspoken, gregarious person can easily work the room and quickly engage you. Think about that ray of sunshine in your life, bubbling over with energy and dynamism. He or she may invigorate you and inspire you to look at things differently — at least for the moment. Consider the quiet ones; they can be mysteriously intriguing.

You act differently to every person you encounter. You do this because you are reacting to his or her personality.

News flash. The interactions and reactions we experience with one another parallel those we have with businesses and products. Brand personalities attract customers with like values, attitudes and qualities. Furthermore, strong brand personalities attract loyal customers because they have a clear understanding of who they are as a business personality. Because of this, they are able to strategically align their business to reach the right customer mix — a loyal customer mix that keeps coming back for more. To put it simply, a brand personality is the psychological or human aspect of a company that can have a profound sociological impact on customers’ buying behavior.

Take, for example, one of the most influential global brands — Nike. Would you consider them motivated? Passionate? Hip and edgy? Fitness experts? Inspiring? Bold? These character traits are the qualities that attract new and loyal customers. Nike’s loyal customers want to be inspired, motivated, healthy, hip and fashionable — and they are willing to pay a premium price to feel this way time and time again.

Think about yourself as a consumer. What brand of automobile do you drive? Nine out of 10 times the cars people drive have a direct connection to what the automobile represents.

In order to find out “who you are” as a corporation, you — and your key employees — must conduct a little corporate soul-searching. Delve deep into what you stand for. What you believe. What you aspire to be. What you deliver to your customers, along with your values and views. You’ll probably discover some things that aren’t too positive — those you should work on changing. When you identify your brand personality, you create a road map or foundation for building a strong brand. One that has clarity, cohesion, truth and, most importantly, attracts the appropriate customer mix.

Where to begin? BBR can help you discover your brand personality and appropriately position yourself in the marketplace. For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 337-233-1515.