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Side Stitch: Brand Revamp


Had the Vampire Empire survived their initial brand meeting, they would have realized that it’s best for an agency to get to know a client before diving head first into the image-revamping process. This would have ensured that the designers knew that vampires and sunlight don’t really mix well. And if the logo didn’t immediately vaporize the Vampire Empire’s council, it would have eventually driven a stake into the club’s image.

Maybe the “online agency” was afraid of vampires. Or clowns. Or vampire clowns. Maybe they were werewolves! Or, maybe they were just trying to make a quick dollar. Don’t only do a job quickly — do it right. Though, I’d imagine trying to make the denizens of the night “more appealing” would be a daunting task. Perhaps some things are best left alone?

Notes about this comic:
I omitted a pun out of spacial necessity, but I thought I’d include it in this section:
“No members means no revenue! We’ll have to get day jobs!”

I always have fun with the silly logos I do for these comics. The “existing” Vampire Empire logo was a “V” & “E” shaped to resemble vampire teeth. And the “revamped” logo features a rejoicing figure whose cape is forming a sun. Well, maybe he’s writhing.

I had a few Vampire Empire tagline options on the table. Here are some that were frontrunners:
“Eternity, for life.”
“Eternity now.”
“A brighter nightlife.”
“Live long and party.”

OH, and if anyone knows a decent comic lettering font, please let me know. I hand-drew all the lettering in Photoshop and it was quite a task.

Hey, thanks for checking out BBR and my comic!
Live long and party.