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Dupré Logistics Celebrates 30th Anniversary

LAFAYETTE, LA – This Saturday, March 20, marks the 30-year anniversary of Dupré Logistics. It was on this date three decades ago that Dupré Logistics, as Dupré Transport, hauled its first load. Dupré Logistics has grown from a small gasoline hauler with 10 employees in 1980 to a diversified strategic logistics company with more than 1,000 team members across 67 locations nationwide. Today, Dupré is a complex organization with over 1,150 pieces of transportation and materials handling equipment and sophisticated technological assets deployed to provide innovative solutions that make clients more competitive. Dupré’s logistics services and solutions are used by over 500 companies throughout all of the contiguous 48 states and parts of Canada and Mexico.

“We have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate here at Dupré Logistics,” said Dupré Logistics Chief Executive Officer Reggie Dupré. “Most organizations don’t have the opportunity to celebrate 30 years in business. This milestone puts Dupré Logistics in a select, small group of companies and truly says something about who we are, what we’re made of and something positive about our future.”

The trucking industry has evolved greatly over the past 30 years. Diversified third party logistics companies such as Dupré did not yet exist at the time of its inception. Reggie Dupré credits most of the company’s success to its valuable, “forward thinking” workforce.

“We learned what is critical to building a sustainable and scalable value-creating organization,” he said. “People are the critical component — values-based people who stand for something. People who see a better future, buy into a common vision and pursue a simple but powerful mission on a daily basis. Our employees are people with a purpose. We are thankful that Dupré Logistics has been blessed with these kind of special people.”

Today, Dupré continues to strive to increase productivity and efficiency in their logistics services. From implementing new and innovative technology to expanding into new markets, Dupré continues to pursue opportunities that meet the challenges of their customers. In recent years, the corporation has implemented technologies and strategies designed to improve safety and service, including predictive analytics, mobile computing and green technology such as SmartWay.

“While our company has grown, our mission of adding value to our customers and being central to their success through our services remains the same,” Dupré said.


Dupré Logistics, LLC is a team of professionals who design and deliver safe, diversified solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. Dupré has more than 1,000 team members and is headquartered in Lafayette, La. For more information, visit