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Timing is Everything

Amidst the roaring crowds during the New Orleans Saints’ first-ever Super Bowl victory celebration, it was hard to believe that anything beyond the excitement for that city and what it represented could possibly be happening. One night earlier New Orleans elected a new mayor, Mardi Gras was just days away, Haiti was still struggling to recover from a massive earthquake and the United States remains embattled in two wars. But if you were in the city of New Orleans, you never would have known at the 44-second mark of the 44th Super Bowl that anything else was happening. The media was clouded with stories of Breesus and Lombardi Gras and many other well-deserved promotions of the City of New Orleans.

I make this point to share with our clients that your news sometimes has to wait. Timing, with breaking or non-breaking news, can be everything.

In a world of cluttered messages coming at the consumer from many different angles, news must not only be worthy, it must be shared at the optimum time to be received.

Here are things that need to be taken into account before you pull the trigger on your next news story:

• Other Things Happening: What is happening on the editorial calendar or in the area the day I want to release my news?

• The News Outlet: Is this something that belongs in a print or a broadcast media?

• Breaking or Not: Do I own the message or does someone else? If you own the message then you own the timing so work that to your advantage.

As a rule of thumb, the most publicity generating release of information comes out in the morning. After making your story as newsworthy as possible, the second best thing you can do is coordinate the timing of the news release.

If you are tweeting, Facebooking and posting to your blog the more coordinated these activities can be with media outreach the better. A coordinated, smartly timed and proactive media approach gets you farther than one that is not.