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Dupré Logistics Adds SmartWay Spec Tractors to the Fleet

Since 2006, Dupré Logistics has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a SmartWay Transport Partner. Recently, Dupre’ joined the most progressive and committed carriers in the industry by adding SmartWay speced tractors to their fleet.

“Although the SmartWay tractors are a larger investment, I believe that the payoff is far greater in fuel efficiency,” says Dupré President and COO Tom Voelkel. He continues, “As part of our continued commitment to ‘Always Forward Thinking’ Dupré prides itself on being an early adopter of this new, efficient technology.”

The SmartWay certified tractors added to the Dupré fleet last month are just the beginning of the logistics companies’ continued commitment to cleaner, more fuel-efficient transportation. The company plans to add SmartWay certified tractors to their fleet by attrition over time. In the next year, Dupré is set to have over 100 tractors that fit the model designed to curb emissions in several key areas, including aerodynamic equipment, engine standards, tire maintenance and idle control.

Per year a total of 35 billion gallons of diesel fuel is expended by the rail and truck transport industry. This is translated into 350 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. While freight transportation is invaluable to businesses, consumers, and the economy, the EPA has partnered with the trucking industry to minimize the carbon impact it has on the environment by developing performance specifications for SmartWay tractors. The EPA has certified SmartWay tractors and trailers that are long-hail truck components which significantly lower emissions and fuel consumption.

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