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Hourly Pay Proves to be Forward Thinking Practice for Dupré Logistics

For its 700-plus drivers, Dupré Logistics has initiated a pay strategy shared by few companies in this economic climate — by paying its drivers by the hour. It’s an initiative the company says was implemented to produce better schedules, more quality team members and safer drivers. Dupré Logistics has stressed the new pay structure does not function as a cost-cutting measure, but rather a quality control initiative.

“At Dupré Logistics, we strive to recruit and retain the best team in the industry,” said Dupré Logistics President Tom Voelkel. “The hourly compensation structure has proven beneficial in terms of safety, human resources and retention of our drivers. It’s an initiative with benefits that far outweigh the cost to our bottom line.”

The rationale behind the change is that hourly drivers feel they are paid for all that they do, including pre-trip inspections, wait time and unloading. Having drivers clock in and clock out puts an emphasis on the quality of work from start to finish — regardless of whether the truck is in motion.

Dupré Logistics’ drivers not only benefit during their workday; a driver’s overall compensation is often higher than industry counterparts who are paid per mile. This often equates to better and happier drivers willing to slow down and approach tasks from a team-based angle, which, in turn, translates to safety on the highway.

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