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Side Stitch, A Design Comedy


Design by day, illustrate by night. It’s not every day that I get to draw a comic for work. So you can imagine my glee when this comic-blog concept received a green light!

Side Stitch will be a comic series dealing with craziness in the design/advertising world. There isn’t really any limit as to what will be included. Supervillains and dinosaurs and robots are most definitely welcome, as you can see. Oh, and puns. Plenty of puns.

In this premiere episode, a supervillain, The LoGhost, has taken all of the world’s logos for ransom. After various design threats are issued to the League of Extraordinary Advertising & Design (LEAD), it is pointed out that the LoGhost’s logo would also be subject to harm. Which, of course, prompts a change of heart in The LoGhost. I don’t blame him; I do like his logo.

Anyway, just keep in mind that I’m not really a comic artist. In college I had a comic strip in the university paper, but format and panels were rather strictly set. Since graduation, I’ve done a couple of full-page comics just for fun. So, I hope to entertain with a few well-placed design puns and some silly illustrations. Enjoy!

(If you want to see the comic larger, you’ll have to click on the thumbnail above and then save the file to your desktop.)