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Status Report

Client news:

The Ragin’ Cajuns Athletic Department now has an official Facebook page! Check it out and become a fan. In little over a week, we’ve eclipsed all other Sun Belt Conference team Facebook fan counts. Let’s keep the momentum going. If you haven’t already done so, click here to become a fan.

We’ve just completed the production of our third campaign promoting season ticket sales for Ragin’ Cajuns athletics. The football television spot began airing a few weeks ago and it makes me wish tailgating started this Saturday! Look for your favorite player and check out Coach Bustle’s moves, too. The BBR team had a great time getting the Ragin’ Cajuns fired up for the 2009 season.

Click here to view video

And as a reminder, if you’re a fan of Ragin’ Cajuns athletics, Saturday night football, or just plain ol’ family fun and haven’t already reserved your season tickets for the Ragin’ Cajuns 2009 football season do it now, there is still time. It’s the hottest ticket in town and with the corporate and family ticket package available the most economical way to spend a fun-filled, action-packed Saturday. Call 265-2100 or click here to get your tickets today. Good people. Good times. Good food. A good strong cocktail and a little bit of football — it makes this BBR girl smile!

Andree and I are “blitzing” all over the state for LaCHIP outreach events this month. We will be in Baton Rouge next week for an enrollment event and press conference and then later this month stay home in Lafayette for the first annual AAA Event that promotes art, education and wellness… and signing eligible kids up for LaCHIP. Over the last few months we’ve also been to Alexandria, Monroe, Jefferson Parish and Shreveport. I always wanted to be a rock star and live life on the road- sometimes I think God has a funny sense of humor.

KRVS is getting a facelift. After moving into fabulous new digs on UL’s campus, KRVS decided to commemorate the upgrade with a fresh ad campaign reflecting their unique station’s on-air personalities. The campaign is in production right now, you’ll be seeing it in a month or so, but be forewarned- its going to ROCK. With the help of Lucius Fontenot (photographer) we made the already cool crew at KRVS look borderline amazing!

The Junior League of Lafayette Tinsel and Treasure sponsor party was last night. Cherie, Kristen, Holly and I had a great time at the Sponsor Party and look forward to the event every year because there’s an open bar because we get to hang out with many of our clients in a social setting outside the boardroom. Look for Denise’s Tinsel and Treasure designs around town in the coming weeks as the event nears.

Habitat for Humanity and BBR are teaming up through BBR Creative’s new service grant program in which BBR selects a non-profit to work with on a project. BBR will be working on a view book for the Acadiana affiliate chapter of Habitat. As the lead on this project, I’ve been learning a lot about Habitat and think it’s a very worthy cause. So worthy that I am thinking of getting a crew of my fellow BBRers out there one day soon to work on a house. That would be a day worth documenting for sure. I plan on guilting everyone into it- I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Around the office:

Burt Durand drew this last night, he say’s its “not finished” yet. I love James Brown so I decided to share this with all of you with Burt’s permission. Maybe he can post the finished product on this blog when its “finished.” Its not fair how creative some of the people I work with are, I’m crazy jealous☺.


Kristen Wilson, my fellow partner in crime returns to work after a pregnancy induced hiatus. It will be good to have her back. We are taking bets in the break room to see if she cries her first day back because she misses her baby, cries because she is tired, or cries tears of joy because she is having adult conversation again… I think it will be all of the above.

Tim Landry, our copywriter is on vacation hiatus this week in New York City. You may not know that Tim is also a stand up comedian and a photographer; sometimes he’s also an Urban Outfitters model (c’mon you know you laughed Tim). Anyway, when he goes to Manhattan he gets to practice being better at all three. Good luck Tim! He will be at Sadie’s downtown on Sept. 18 to tell all the jokes that got laughs in the Big Apple. Hope to see you there, mark your calendars.
Signing off- MKJ