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LaCHIP: An opportunity for working, uninsured families to get coverage for their children.

Every now and then, we get the opportunity to use our communication skills to really make an impact on our world. In April, we began the work of creating and implementing a public awareness campaign to get uninsured children in the state of Louisiana covered — truly meaningful work.

An estimated 650,000 children remain uninsured in Louisiana. Of that figure, 41,000 live in households earning 200% below the federal poverty level. These children remain eligible, but are not yet registered in existing health care programs. Another large percentage is children of working parents who simply cannot afford health insurance. When health care is unavailable to the most vulnerable of our population, the health of our entire community is compromised. It affects their education and ultimately our economy.

The Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program (LaCHIP) is a Medicaid program that provides insurance for the poorest children in our state in addition to offering a program (low-cost insurance) for working families who cannot afford insurance or health care services. Under this plan, a family of four making $55,000 per year can qualify for low-cost insurance!

BBR Creative was hired by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals’ Medicaid Office to initiate a statewide public awareness campaign to encourage LaCHIP enrollment. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of uninsured children in the state.

We have created television and radio campaigns in addition to revising the existing LaCHIP website, outreach manuals and outreach event kits to better assist the field workers signing eligible children up for the LaCHIP program. We are further assisting by hosting a series of nine community outreach events across the state of Louisiana. We have also created materials for other secondary target audiences such as faith-based organizations; the health care industry; education and school boards; and HR departments in an effort to spread awareness about the benefits of promoting LaCHIP.

We are making headway, but LaCHIP can always use more coverage and support. Know that this program is available and encourage people that you believe may be eligible to enroll their children. It is easy to find out if a family is eligible by visiting the LaCHIP website. The more of you who know about the program and spread the word, the better chance we have at being successful. And most importantly, the more uninsured children will receive coverage.

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