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It Takes A Village To Raise A Website

I checked the date we opened the BBR website project and was horrified when I realized it all began in March 2007. What on God’s green earth happened? Why did it take so long? Real projects never go on forever.

But after reflecting on constructing and moving into a new building, client work, my 40th birthday, five national holidays and the death of Michael Jackson, I was comforted by my own rationalizations that things have been really busy between then and now.

But alas, 495 agency hours later, it’s done. The job is closed. The folder handed in. The BBR site is live.

My request to write the first blog post wasn’t rooted in any unwillingness to let go. It had more to do with me wanting to close that chapter on the laborious and, at times, very stressful and very fun production process. Secondly, and most importantly, I wanted to share with everyone how the site came to life. Not through one or two people, but by the hands of the BBR tribe. Every single person touched the site.

Tim, our copywriter, is also a talented photographer. He took all of the photos — every single one of them. He even brought his own umbrellas. I was impressed.

I learned that Stephen Bardwell, now a past BBR employee who has moved on to grad school, can balance an apple on his head. He was also Tim’s assistant. Denise was our always-willing-to-smile-for-the-camera stand-in. Holly proofed. Mallory and Karen were experimental models.

Even when there wasn’t enough time during the day, Sheree squeeeeezed site production into the schedule. Her excuse: “Sara told me to do it.” She also gave up her desk a dozen or so times.

Eddie was our go-between with Greg Henry, BBR Creative’s Web programmer, and prepared all assets for upload. Burt arrived after site development, lucky him. Kristen participated with her feet raised — trying to keep the swelling down. Andree gathered content. Monica was much-needed support.

Functionality, content, depth — Sara and Cherie were relentless, as always, on the pursuit of perfection. And finally, all the way from Philadelphia, Greg brought the site to life.

I’ve always said that our best work comes from many minds. Today, this website is a shining example of it.

Visit. Chat. Enjoy. And please — come back often!