The BELFOR Promise

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Birmingham, MI

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, are equal opportunity offenders. While physical losses often are apparent in the aftermath, more far-reaching effects — such as interruption of business continuity — can prove immeasurable. Disasters may be unpredictable, but if reaction is swift, damage needn't be permanent. That's where BELFOR comes in.

With 48 offices coast to coast, an expansive network of resources and more than 1,500 fulltime restoration experts on staff, BELFOR is the leading provider of property restoration services in North America. Experts in both business and residential recovery, BELFOR offers a full range of services ranging from initial cleanup and water abatement to mold remediation and total reconstruction.

In the development of an integrated branding campaign that directly spoke to key decision-makers for both business and residential markets, BBR looked to BELFOR's own guiding principle, the BELFOR Promise:

"To do our best, every time. To ensure your best interest is always at the forefront. To stand behind our word and to give you our all — every second, every minute, every day."

With the Promise setting the tone for BELFOR's unwavering approach to recovery, BBR developed a print ad series that spoke to both business and residential markets. Ads showcased BELFOR's work ethic, commitment, reach and personalized approach recovery.

BBR also developed a 60-second television commercial and a three-minute video featurette for trade show display. The TV spot targets corporate decision-makers and identifies BELFOR as the company that helps businesses switch on again — thrive again. Visuals of "OPEN" signs drive home the fact that choosing BELFOR is key to uninterrupted business continuity. The trade show video, meanwhile, showcases BELFOR's breadth of service and puts a face to the specialized professionals who directly impact each job. The recurring line, "I am BELFOR," is spoken by numerous employees, proving that there are many necessary cogs in this well-oiled machine.

The BELFOR Promise campaign relayed specific benefits while communicating core tenets of personalized service, accessibility and quick response time. This worked to assure both business and residential customers that BELFOR should be their disaster recovery company of choice.

Samples of print collateral

Samples of Broadcast TV


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